Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My turn!

Finish these sentences...
Maybe I should...go home or get back to studying
My ex is a life completely different from mine

I love.
..that I always have someone to depend on

People would say that I am...obsessive
I don't understand...why the geniuses who developed the calendar didn't add one more day to the weekend
When I wake up in the morning
...I go back to least 5 times

I have lost
...all sense of time

Life is full of
...disappointments, but in the end it will work out

My past has taught me
...that you can't always get what you want when you want it

I get annoyed...when my bed is unmade
Parties are
...not as fun as you hoped they would be. I know, I'm boring!

I wish...I could eat anything I wanted
...I can't imagine life without them

Cats...I will probably never have one because Patrick is allergic
Tomorrow is
...the day before my exam! EEEK!

I have a low tolerance for
...repetitive noises

If I had a million dollars
...I would still finish medical school

I've come to realize that my last kiss
...probably infected the Hubby with this bug I have

I am listening to
...the sound of book pages turning, as people around me are studying

I a really high-pitched voice when I'm nervous
My friends...are very understanding of my situation, and always there for me when I'm available My first real kiss...was on the 4-square lot in front of a bunch of people
Love is... so much more than romantic dates and flowers
Marriage is
...something you have to work at everyday, but in the end it is so worth it
Somewhere, someone is thinking...about something far more interesting than Cardiovascular Pathology
I'll always...take baths, even when I'm old and need help getting out
The last time I really cried
...was for the same reason I always cry these days - school

My cell phone is
...actually a really small computer

Before I go to bed...I always take a bath
Right now I am thinking I'm going to fit all this studying into the next 48 hours Babies...seem to be popping-up in my dreams every night
Today I feeling very sick

I really want to
...take my test right now so I can go home and relax for 4 days