Tuesday, September 20, 2011


You can't see them here, but Declan has two tiny baby teeth on the bottom!! I can't believe he is growing so fast!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Delta Fair and a Celebration

Every year, the Delta Fair comes to the Agricenter. I thought this would be something fun for the three of us to do, especially since it has cooled off so much outside.

It was not exactly what I expected, but it was still nice to spend some time with my boys doing something new.

 {Declan dressed up for the occasion}

 {Me and the boy}

 {Declan meets a goat}

 {This man tried to guess Patrick + Declan's weight. He guessed 160. Really?!?!}

 {So we won a stuffed snake}

 {And then we had ProntoPups}

 {And you can't go to a fair without having Fried Oreos}

{They look better than they tasted}

We also tried to attend the circus they were having. Declan was not having all of those loud noises, so we had to leave. We did meet the "tiniest woman in the world." I don't know why, but we were expecting an optical illusion, and not a real woman. She was real, and it was sad how she was on display.

{Overall, I think he had a great time!}

After the fair, we went to Swanky's for Susan's birthday, and a celebration for Heather, who just finished her first round of tests in medical school.

 {Declan hanging out with Jason and Aaron}

{Our sweet (and crazy) Susie Q - the birthday girl}

Not bad for a random Wednesday afternoon!

A blessed weekend

In college at Mississippi State, I was fortunate to have a large group of friends that I met through my sorority. We were very close for our entire 4 years at State, and spent a lot of time together.

{This was us in 2006, our senior year}

Every year, our group still gets together for a summer trip, monthly dinner parties, and a Christmas party. Because of my crazy schedule, I rarely get to join them.

Labor Day weekend, I was able to travel down to Destin to play with these girls.
Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Lee had the same idea, so we spent most of our time snuggling on a pallet in the condo, but it was still good quality time.

 {Looking at the windy, gloomy beach}

 {Wishing we were out on the beach}

Don't worry, the weather was not so bad that we weren't able to go out at all. We went to the outlet mall on Saturday, and had a lot of fun spent way too much money. By the time we got home it was time to start getting ready for dinner.  

{Alison and Lindsey before heading out for the night on Saturday night}

 {Linds and me - while it may appear that I got some sun, don't be fooled, I had a glass of wine}

We went to Mitchells  Fish Market for dinner. I had the Chesapeake Raw Oysters, Lobster Bisque, and Seafood Americana. It was delicious!

 {All the girls at dinner}

After dinner, we went out to Baytowne for a little while. However, these old ladies were home by 12:30.

{The girls in Baytowne}

Unfortunately, we had to leave on Sunday due to the bad weather. Despite the tropical storm, we really had a great time!

I feel truly blessed to have these girls in my life! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Goodbye Facebook!

I have officially deactivated my Facebook account. With residency interviews looming, I would rather programs not be able to use Facebook to get a "picture" of me before I visit. Be assured, I will be back after March 15, match day!
See y'all on the flip-side!