Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween creation:

Can't tell what it is? I'll give you a hint:
Happy Halloween, y'all!!

Starkville - Home away from home

We had an AMAZING weekend in Starkville! (this was my first weekend in Starkville since 2006!!) Can I just say that I have missed that town and these ladies WAY too much?

We had a wonderful dinner at Anthony's on Friday night. We went to Mugshots and the Bistro after that. If you don't already know this, the Bistro was my FAVORITE bar in college. Sadly, it closed my Junior year. But guess what? It's back, and as fun as ever! We, older, more mature women totally snuck in the side door to avoid the LONG lines of college kids! Just like old times. I was so happy to spend some quality time with Ali, Linds, Kelly, and Jennifer (and of course the Hubby) on the balcony at the Bistro. Later, Leslie showed up, and it was fabulous to see that girl!

On Saturday, Patrick and I ate breakfast at City Bagel (a favorite) and took a tour of campus and Starkville. Boy, has that town changed. I didn't even recognize parts of campus. It was totally surreal. We got a chance to go by the SAE house, but we didn't get to go by the Phi Mu house. : ( Maybe next time! (We have promised each other we are going to start going to Starkville more often. Up next - the Egg Bowl!!!) Anyways, after walking around EVERYWHERE, we ate at Mugshots and did a little shopping downtown. We finally made it back to campus and tailgated for the rest of the afternoon. It was so much fun! I was on the front row of the "Dog Walk" and it was awesome - I got to give all of the players high fives! Definitely an amazing experience. The game started at 6:30, so 6:00 came really fast and we were rushing to get into the stadium. Let me tell you - it is NOT as easy as it used to be to sit in the Student Section. We had to "borrow" student IDs and purple wristbands all evening! I guess that's what you get for being married and graduated and still trying to sit in the Student Section! Luckily, we finally made it in and got situated. Soon after, the guy sitting next to us, who is slightly drunk, takes a turn for the worse. He stands up, stumbles down the stairs, and almost falls off the balcony. Luckily, there was someone there to catch him - a cop!! Not a good night for that kid! Not an hour later, the guy sitting on the other side of us SLAPS the guy sitting in front of me. The slapped accidentally burned the slapper's girlfriends coat with a cigarette. Let me tell you - no more Student Section for this married woman! Either way, the game was amazing!

Oh yeah, and did you notice I got a haircut? It was time for a change!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My best friend Courtney is engaged!!! Yay!

Courtney and I went looking at dresses yesterday, and it was so fun! I know she is going to be the most beautiful bride, and I cannot wait!

I have never seen Courtney so happy, and I am so excited for her and Kyle!