Friday, October 7, 2011

SUYL - Show Us Your Pets

It's been a while since I've done a Show Us Your Life with Kelly, so I decided I would participate today, since she is asking about pets.

We have 2 chihuahuas in our family - Gidget and Riley aka "Willey"

Gidget is 7 years old, and she weighs 4 lbs. She is my teeny tiny, and I love her. I have had her since my Junior year of college. She used to go everywhere with me - sorority chapter meetings, fraternity parties, road trips. Now that we have our family, shes a lot more stationary. She sleeps curled up next to me every night. All I say is "let's go nigh night," and she trots back to the bedroom with me. She is a little sassy and feisty. She eventually warms up to people, but it takes work on their part. She's the best guard dog - she barks when a leaf falls in the front yard. Speaking of leaves, Gidget once got knocked to the ground by a falling leaf. True story.

Willey is our 5 year old sweet boy. We lived on a street named Willey when we got him, so we named him Riley, but called him Willey. He is probably one of the coolest chihuahuas you've ever met. He loves people, fetches balls, plays with children. People constantly ask us to breed him, but I just don't want to! He tells us when he's hungry, when he has to go outside, and when he has a stomach ache (which he often does).

Neither of the pups are crazy about Declan. They tolerate him, but stay as far away as possible. Most the time...

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